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Registered E-200 Hr. Yoga Teacher and Prenatal Teacher with Yoga Alliance
200 hr. Teacher Training with Northern California Yoga Institute
Prenatal Teacher Training with Yoga Garden SF
Certified Teacher of Yoga to Children with It's Yoga Kids
Completed: Yoga for Pelvic Floor Teacher Training with Leslie Howard
Master Reiki Practitioner
doTERRA Wellness Advocate:

My Yoga Journey

I discovered Yoga in 2001 while I was in college. I immediately realized the power of Yoga and the influence it would have on my life. Yoga brought me, and still does to this day, a sense of calming tranquility that I often struggle to find throughout my day. As my work life is constantly changing,​ yoga helps maintain my sanity.

Since my first Yoga class in Chico, my life path has taken me down many different roads. I graduated college with an Anthropology degree from CSU, Chico. Following graduation, I’ve lived and worked in Las Vegas, the Bay Area, Northern Italy and ​back again to to the Bay Area to our lovely community of Alameda. I’ve taken so much with me and learned so much about myself with everyplace I’ve been. And I am ever grateful to every person I crossed paths with because they are all a part of who I am today, no matter how brief the encounter.

Upon my return to the Bay Area, I decided to return to my very first Yoga Instructor, Kamie Noelani Loeser. I completed a 200 hr. teacher training course in May of 2012 through the Northern California Yoga Institute and am a registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. Since then, I've continued my training with NorCal Yoga Institute through their 500hr training program. I've also completed a Yoga for Kids training, Prenatal Teacher Training, and Yoga for Pelvic Floor.

Like so many, I have struggled through the life of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. My personal yoga and meditation practice kept me sane while dealing with the stress of the world affairs, shelter-in-place, and life during a pandemic with a 5/6 year old. After taking care of myself and my family, I am ready to venture into the world of online yoga teaching. It's a strange new world, and although I hope to return to in-person teaching one day soon, I will brave this new adventure with an open heart with you, my students and friends!

Expanding Wellness Offerings

Over the years I have expanded my modalities to help my students connect with themselves in other ways.  Yoga continues to keep me grounded and connected, but my Reiki practice, use of Essential oils, and SoulCollage has brought new levels of relaxation and self-awareness.  

Like everything, the more I practice and became friends with each of these modalities, my desire to share them with students and my community grew.  

As a Reiki Master, I can attune others to Reiki and give them the gift of offering Reiki to themselves and others.  As a DoTerra Wellness Advocate, I am able to guide and support others on their exploration of essential oil usage.  I am currently in training to become a SoulCollage facilitator, and look forward to what that knowledge brings to the table.  

The most important aspect for me is accepting the opportunities to connect with myself, and hold space for others so that they can do the same.   

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