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" The intention of SoulCollage®: to offer a creative practice for exploring, healing and evolving our many-faceted Souls so every Soul is able to manifest its unique SoulEssence in increasingly balanced and joy-filled forms."

Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage®


SoulCollage® is an amazing practice that allows you to tap into your inner self in a fun and creative way.  There are no right or wrong answers and there is absolutely no way you can do it wrong!  After creating your SoulCollage® cards, you can consult them for insight into your everyday life questions and quandaries.  You hold your own answers and SoulCollage is one beautiful, fun, insightful method to tap into them!  

Check out these links to discover more about the process!

Introduction to SoulCollage®


Contact for 1:1 or small group sessions

What is SoulCollage®?: It is a collage process, in which you create a personal deck of cards. It's super easy and fun! Each card represents an aspect of ourselves and is a tool that can be used for our own self exploration, reflection, and healing.

In the workshop: 

  • Learn about the process and principals of SoulCollage®. 
  •  Create and work with your own cards. 
  • Learn about different suits for the cards and how to name them.
  • Enjoy opportunities for short meditations and quiet time to work.
  • Work in pairs and small groups to explore your personal cards.
  • Learn how to do a tarot-like reading with your cards.
  • All supplies are included to use and to take home, too!


Covid Protocols: Masks will be required indoors, but there is a beautiful space to take time and/or work some outdoors. Proof of vaccine or recent negative covid test required. Please do not attend if you are not feeling well or have any covid-like symptoms.

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